AUTOX – we will make any trailer for you

Przyczepa typu Atlas (platforma)

Atlas type trailer (platform)


Universal trailer suitable for transporting cars, light commercial vehicles and various types of goods.

Przyczepa typu Indiana

Indiana type trailer


Tow truck adapter for transporting 2 cars with raids made of 4 mm thick LOHR type aluminium sheet.

Przyczepa typu Adam

Adam type trailer


A trailer especially designed for transporting cars. The sloping front and back of the tow truck makes it possible to balance the centre of gravity of the car.

przyczepa typu Jupiter

Jupiter type trailer


The sloping rear part of the tow truck makes it easy to unload even the most damaged cars.

przyczepa typu Merkury

Merkury type trailer


Universal steel platform, very strong. The design of the trailer allows you to hook the transported goods anywhere, which greatly facilitates transport.

Przyczepa typu Mars aluminiowy

Mars type trailer


The platform is made of higher strength aluminium , with a high load capacity which is connected with the low weight of the trailer.